Stop Press: Protein Water Co Launches U.K Nationwide With Boots Listing

Stop Press: Protein Water Co Launches U.K Nationwide With Boots Listing

Protein Water Co will launch nationwide through a retail partnership with Boots, commencing at the end of August 2017. All three SKUs of the Protein Water Co Muscle Maintenance range (Grapefruit & Yuzu, Cranberry & Raspberry and Coconut & Mango) will be available in the food-to-go fridge and as part of the popular Boots meal deal, with an RRP of £2.35 for a 500ml bottle.

Unlike other protein-rich drink brands, Protein Water Co’s completely natural profile will allow the brand to meet demand from all consumers. The range appeals to both the Sports Nutrition community, which will use the product to support their fitness and athletic performance, and the mainstream consumer looking to harness the health, beauty and lifestyle benefits of protein.

By meeting demand from this broad consumer base, Protein Water Co will be able to secure a share of both the £92m sports nutrition market and the 34.2 billion servings of functional food and drink consumed by Brits each year.

The Protein Water Co Muscle Maintenance range has 20g of protein in each 500ml bottle: over a third of the UK’s suggested daily intake. Each one combines the highest quality protein with spring water, delivering a clear, crisp and refreshing taste with absolutely no nasties. It has a clean and GMO-free ingredient profile with no added sugar, zero fat, and absolutely no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives.

Henry Western, Founder of Protein Water Co says: “We launched Protein Water Co to bring a revolutionary new offering to the functional drinks market.  By creating the UK’s first and only range of completely natural protein infused waters, we can reach the broad and varied consumer groups looking to enjoy the health, fitness and lifestyle benefits of protein without compromising on taste, quality or ingredients.

“Boots is the perfect retail partner for us to launch the brand nationwide with. Through this listing, the brand will be available more consumers than ever before.”