Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live

As we head into 2017 we are constantly reminded of all the wonderful things that went on at Protein Water HQ over the past few months.

One particular highlight was the Food Matters LIVE exhibition at ExCel in London.

The event was the perfect place to showcase our exciting range of Protein Water as well as giving us the opportunity to meet and explore other exciting food and drink innovators.

Food Matters LIVE is an annual event that provides insight into the latest trends, innovation and happenings within the food and drink industry. It brings together a cross section of industry professionals such as food and drink manufacturers, government, retailers and nutritionists; put simply anyone whose involved in helping to shape the future of the food and drink industry can be found at Food Matters LIVE.

Whilst we were at the show we also took part in the infamous Food Talk Show we discussed all aspects of our water. You can find them at for more food and drink industry chat.

But back to protein water and what are our time at the exhibition taught us. We believe in our product, we know our protein water is GOOD and it’s going to help our customers not only feel great but also help in their journey to be the best that they can be. For too long protein based drinks have been aimed at a very specific type of consumer, mostly those who are going to be hitting the gym hard and wanting to gain definition. But with our range of protein water, it’s something that everyone can enjoy because unlike many protein shakes that are on the market, the water offers a pure source of protein without the additional sugars or fats. They’re great if you want a protein boost before you workout or even if you want to sip one throughout the day to support a healthy lifestyle.

We also know that healthier options when it comes to beverages are going to be a big trend for 2017 and in particular, protein water is going to be a drink that’s on everybody’s lips.

Keep checking back to find out all the great things that are coming your way in 2017 from Protein Water.