Protein Water Honoured At 2016 World Beverage Innovation Awards

Protein Water Honoured At 2016 World Beverage Innovation Awards

What a fantastic way to end 2016.

In November we headed to the World Beverage Innovation Awards in Germany to join 228 entries representing 37 countries to celebrate excellence and innovation within the global beverage industry.

The awards featured 26 different categories from “Best Juice” to “Best New Beverage”; plus categories for brands; ingredients; packaging; design; manufacturing and processing; sustainability; and marketing and communications.

Protein Water were up for the award of “Best Sports or Fitness Drink” and we are delighted to say that we won.

With modern life getting becoming more hectic by the day we wanted to create a drink that not only tasted good but also packed a hefty protein punch and would be suitable for drinking whilst on the move.

Our recognition at the World Beverage Innovation Awards just goes to show that Protein Water is unlike any other bottled protein drink on the market. We use premium whey protein isolate to make our drinks and each bottle contains 20g of protein.

So what makes Protein Water so special? 

Let’s start with our use of Whey Protein. We believe there is no better source of protein than Whey because it contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs to function. Your immune system will also benefit from whey protein as it increases the body’s production of glutathione which is a powerful anti-oxidant. 

Whey protein also gets absorbed and utilised very quickly compared to other types of protein, so when you down a bottle of Protein Water you feel the benefits faster.

Put simply; our water is perfectly balanced nutrition you can enjoy straight from the fridge.

And you can get all this in one bottle. So whether you’re just running around dealing with every day life or you’re training, protein water is the perfect addition to your daily life.